Is there a difference between heavy smoking and light smoking? This study will tell you

While countless studies measuring the degree of damage caused by heavy smoking (more than 20 cigarettes per day) have been conducted linking combustible cigarettes to an assortment of diseases, as well as a series of negative effects on the mind and body, light smoking (less than 10 cigarettes per day) is a far less explored subject. This is why researchers from The Australian Centre for Precision Health analyzed data to determine how much of a difference there was.

The study

Published August 2020 in the journal, EClinicalMedicine, researchers used a series of mortality statistics from over 150,000 smokers within the UK Biobank to determine the effect of heavier smoking and the heightened risk of disease that comes from it. 

What was the result?

The study revealed that heavy smoking was linked to 28 separate health conditions, including nine respiratory diseases, seven cardiovascular diseases, a range of cancers, renal conditions, and retinal disorders. In addition, each cigarette smoked per day increased the user’s risk of developing a respiratory disease by 5% to 33%, followed by the heightened chance of developing a circulatory disease by 5% to 23%. Nevertheless, the results from the study only looked at comparing heavy smokers with people who have smoked in the past. Therefore, when compared to people who have never smoked, the risks are likely to be even more significant.

Every additional cigarette makes a difference

The study highlights that heavy smoking is worse for your health, as each additional cigarette smoked matters. So, how can you go about cutting down your nicotine intake to require fewer combustibles and reduce your risk of smoking-related diseases? Through smoking cessation aids, of course!

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