Hong Kong terminates two-year vape pen ban

Vapers living in Hong Kong should celebrate! The almost two-year vape ban on nicotine reduction devices was lifted this past June to allow the use of smoke-free alternatives across the City. With other Asian countries looking to follow suit, Hong Kong believes that e-cigs can be used as a tobacco harm reduction technology and as an effective tool to help quit smoking. 

What’s the word?

In October 2018, Carrie Lam, a Hong Kong Official Chief Executive, announced a complete ban on e-cigarettes and other electronic nicotine and tobacco delivery systems. However, after nine meetings, including three public hearings, starting March 2019 until June 2020, it was concluded that allowing the use of e-cigs will help to provide smokers with a safer smoke-free alternative. Additionally, the Coalition of Asia Pacific Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates (CAPHRA) has welcomed the decision to terminate proceedings towards the ban on vaping products. 

Why was the ban terminated?

While a select group of e-cig manufacturing companies, including the vibrant lineup of Logic vape pens, are currently being assessed by the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the U.S. to become fit to use as a smoking cessation aid, the government of Hong Kong has also chosen to abandon its impending ban because of its high number of combustible cigarette smokers. Since so many ex-smokers were reliant on the nicotine delivery technology of e-cigs, when the products became unavailable for purchase, these users were forced back to smoking. 

Why have so many countries attempted to implement such bans on e-cig technology?

Unfortunately, misinformation continues to inform and influence policy and failing to see the opportunities that present themselves in Logic vape pens and other nicotine delivery devices will only harm those who are a part of the current smoking epidemic. While there is a risk that comes with nicotine dependence, the more significant dangers to your health come from smoking tobacco. So, it’s the duty of health officials worldwide to weigh the benefits and adverse effects that can come from any type of tobacco use intervention. Many governments around the world fought the growing vape industry because they were losing billions of dollars in tobacco and combustible cigarette tax revenues which they could not recoup from the vape products. These efforts were short-sighted as the longer-term benefits of healthier populations, brought about by increasing vape usage while reducing tobacco use, are surely more beneficial and economical for any nation.  

Do you think that Hong Kong has come a long way since October 2018? Please, weigh in with your thoughts about vaping bans and how they negatively impact ex-smokers. 

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