How do Logic Disposable Electronic Cigarettes size up against the Logic Power Series?

Most e-cig manufacturers are set on convincing consumers to purchase their brand, but as a retailer of one of the most popular companies on the market, we feel that our time is better spent educating our customers about why each product may be better suited to their needs and lifestyle. So, if you’ve been wanting to try Logic e-cigs but are unsure of which device would be best, how about weighing your options between the Logic Disposable Electronic Cigarettes and the Logic Power Series? 

How to charge each device

Logic e-cigs require a power source to produce the intense vapor that’s known and loved within the vaping community. While each device needs to be adequately charged to work properly, the beauty of versatile models allows gadgets, like the Logic Disposable Electronic Cigarettes, to come pre-charged and ready-to-go. 

With a vape and toss approach, users can unpackage their tobacco or menthol disposables to receive strong-tasting vapor, no charging required. On the other hand, the Logic Power Series, while equally as robust and vigorous in the vapor it produces, requires the user to twist off the mouthpiece and attach the battery to the charger first before it will power up the device. Both electronic delivery systems possess powerful, high-quality batteries. However, only the Logic Power Series is re-chargeable for later use. 

Eco-friendliness between the two

Some vapers prefer the toss-and-go approach that Logic Disposable Electronic Cigarettes offers because they’re recent ex-smokers who enjoy this convenience. So, for those who’re not as technologically savvy, disposables are the perfect approach to first-time vaping, and the device, once finished, is recyclable, which allows you to do your part for the environment.

While disposables have a lot of perks, many vapers enjoy a product that reduces their carbon footprint and allows them to reuse the device long-term. So, if you’re the type of person who enjoys the conveniences of the Logic Power Series, a rechargeable unit that allows you to purchase replaceable cartomizers and even set up a delivery frequency schedule, then ensure that you never run out of this amazing product. Plus, investing in this type of technology will allow you to limit your electronic waste, which is a huge bonus! 

Dependent on your nicotine needs

Lucky for you, Logic understands the need to fulfill your nicotine cravings and in terms of concentration levels, both devices offer the same robust strength of 2.4% nicotine (27 mg). This means that either option will satisfy your nicotine requirements, regardless of whether you’re a heavy ex-smoker trying to quit or a recent transitioning vapor. 

The cost of each device

On our website, Logic Disposable Electronic Cigarettes retail for as low as $8.50, offering vapers 300 to 400 puffs of delicious, high-quality tobacco or menthol. On the other hand, those who choose to use the Logic Power Series will need to purchase the device, sold as low as $8.50 with a single cartomizer of choice, and once finished with then be required to order a replacement, which is sold in packs of two for as low as $7.12. 

While the Logic Power Series is cheaper in the long run, since there are many ways to save shopping at (bulk ordering, monthly discount, subscription to the newsletter, and membership discount), the cost shouldn’t be the biggest factor in your final device decision. 

Which of the above two options appeals most to your vaping lifestyle? Drop a comment below to share your opinion.

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