What’s an electronic cigarette and how can it be used to reduce your nicotine intake?

It can be particularly difficult to find a stop smoking aid that, when combined with the right type of support system, will allow you to toss away your pack of combustibles for good. While you may have tried to quit traditional smoking in the past with the use of gum, lozenges, or the patch, your transformative lifestyle change is more than just physical. Since it’s also mental, this means that aside from fulfilling your nicotine needs, you will also need to please the mind by stimulating similar motions and habitual elements of your past routine. So, with that being said, have you considered using e-cigarettes as a more effective stop-smoking aid? 

What are e-cigarettes and how do they work?

E-cigarettes, which are sometimes referred to as e-cigs or vape pens, are electronic nicotine delivery systems that heat e-liquid to an evaporative state where the user is easily able to inhale the vapor. Unlike conventional smoking, there’s no combustion and the contents of the e-liquid are comprised of water, propylene glycol (an odorless liquid that’s commonly found in food products), vegetable glycerin (a sweet-tasting liquid that’s commonly added to food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals), nicotine, and enriched flavorings, rather than carcinogenic tobacco compounds. Overall, users rely on e-cig devices like Logic vape pens to provide them with a smokeless experience that allows them to slowly lower their nicotine intake levels over time. 

What types of e-cigarettes are available to try? 

While the e-cig market is filled with devices that are built to help an ex-smoker transition away from tobacco, some options may present a more enriched experience:

  • Cig-a-like devices look and feel similar to combustible cigarettes and are offered in both disposable and rechargeable, with menthol and tobacco options.
  • Pod systems are sold alongside cartomizer or capsule refills and are considered eco-friendlier and more cost-efficient than other e-cig options on the market. The best part is that the battery is long-lasting, allowing the user to use the device all day without worrying about it losing its charge. Also, once vapor is no longer produced, the mouthpiece can be easily twisted off and replaced with a brand-new, pre-filled cartridge while the empty pod can be recycled.  
  • Tank-based technologies come in a range of shapes and sizes and are far harder to clean and maintain than the above high-quality Logic e-cig technologies because the same reservoir is used over and over again. While these systems are known to possess variable power, the user is required to refill their e-liquid tank by pre-mixing a nicotine solution before pouring it into their vape to enjoy. Be mindful that nicotine is toxic if ingested by pets or children and remnants can often be left behind on your countertops when you’re filling these types of devices.

How do e-cigarettes allow you to start making nicotine cutbacks?

The nicotine concentration levels in a conventional cigarette can greatly vary between brands — on the low end they measure 6mg and on the high end about 28mg — which can make it very challenging for ex-smokers to monitor their nicotine intake and begin trimming the amount of that they use daily. On the other hand, e-cigarette devices like the Logic vape pen allow users to carefully monitor their concentration levels, allowing them to slowly decrease them as they see fit. 

How does this work, you ask? Well, Logic carries a vibrant lineup of powerful e-cig devices, including the Logic Disposable Electronic Cigarette (27mg), the Logic Power Series (27mg), and the Logic Pro Advanced Vapor System (20mg). The fixed nicotine levels allow novice vapers to start their quit journey with a device that meets their past smoking needs and when they feel ready, they’re able to lower their nicotine. This gives the vaper full control of how much nicotine they’re using and empowers them to take control of their health and well-being. This way they’re kept away from the dangerous effects of tobacco use and can fulfill their nicotine cravings at the same time! 

Are you excited to quit smoking by using a Logic vape pen to curve your nicotine cravings? Drop a comment below for some words of added encouragement.

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