Enjoy this compilation of answers to technical FAQs about Logic devices

Whether you’re new to vaping technology or grandfathered in but simply transitioning from a less superior brand, there’s a lot to learn about the power of a Logic device. As one of the choice manufacturers chosen to work with the FDA to gain approval as a smoking cessation aid, Logic is a first-rate technology that’s bound to remain readily available for years to come. However, like with any electronic device, the user may face a dilemma or two throughout their lengthy ownership, but nothing too technical that can’t be easily fixed! 

How long can I expect my Logic battery to last?

While many factors may affect the longevity of a device’s battery — how much you vape, how often it’s charged, and the age of the battery — when you buy a brand new Logic vape pen online from eon-smoke.com, you can expect your device to carry an all-powerful charge for an entire day, even if it’s used frequently. However, if you’re the type of vaper who’s repeatedly looking for new ways to improve the performance, reliability, and duration of your battery life, we recommend charging the battery fully before unplugging it and ensuring that you have drained the power source below quarter before placing it back on the charger once again. Essentially, you can expect Logic batteries to last an impressive 300 to 400 puffs per charge, which is the perfect dependability regardless of whether you’re a light, medium, or heavy vaper. 

Why is my Logic device not producing vapor?

In our experience as a Logic brand distributor, this is a very uncommon problem, but it’s best to be prepared for all possibilities that you may face as an e-cig owner. That being said, there are a couple of reasons why your device might not be producing vapor. The easiest solution to this problem would be to check to see if your e-cig needs charging, as life gets busy and it’s not difficult to forget to place your battery on the charger. If your device is fully charged, your cartomizer or capsule may be out of e-liquid. If that’s the case, simply twist off the mouthpiece from the battery and replace it with your flavor of choice. Lastly, if your device is still not operational, you may want to consider replacing the battery. While Logic batteries are long-lasting, all electronic equipment needs to be replaced after a few hundred charge cycles. 

What else should you know after you buy a Logic vape pen online?

Here is some important information to know about your new device and e-cigs in general:

  • Your device should never have a burning taste. If this happens, simply replace your cartomizer or capsule with a new refill pod and continue to vape normally. 
  • Did you drop your device or battery into water? Under no circumstances should any electronic cigarette be used after it has been immersed in water. 
  • Your Logic device possesses an LED indicator light that will flash when it needs to be recharged. Once charged, the LED light will turn blue. 

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