Why you should embrace nicotine in a heat-not-burn form

While smoking is a habit that many people start in their adolescent years, the truth is that no one really wants to jeopardize their health through the inhalation of harmful chemicals. So, since experimentation and peer pressure are two prominent factors that segway individuals into this habitual routine, the accompaniment of uncomfortable symptoms is the main reason that quitting becomes so hard, which is why you should embrace nicotine in a heat-not-burn form!

Why are these products a safer way to satisfy nicotine cravings?

Heat-not-burn is a description that is used to characterize e-cigs and separate them from being grouped alongside traditional, combustible cigarettes. These innovative devices do not hold tobacco, but instead a nicotine-containing liquid that when heated, produces a vapor for the user to inhale. While different from conventional cigarettes, they’re manufactured with smokers in mind and are mechanically comparable to allow for an easy transition — offering the same hand-to-mouth functionality, an inhalation mechanism to deliver the vapor, and the same comfort when held between the user’s fingers. However, aside from the noticeable differences, the most prominent distinction between e-cigs and combustibles is that no smoke is produced. Since e-cigs can heat e-liquid at a far lower temperature, rather than burning tobacco, vapers can simplistically satisfy their nicotine cravings in a more controlled way, avoiding the harmful chemicals associated with the combustion of tobacco products. 

Why are these products so desirable?

While there’s an assortment of nicotine replacement therapies on the market, most ex-smokers are drawn to vaping products, such as the Logic e-cig, because of how well the devices mimic the experience and cater to their physical and mental dependencies. 

Logic is a long-standing name in the business and there are many reasons that these supplemental, nicotine products are considered to be both enticing and dependable.

  • They look like a combustible cigarette.
  • They feel like a combustible cigarette. 
  • The two flavors sold on the market are tobacco and menthol.
  • Logic e-cigs are sold as disposables, which closely mimic a past smoking experience. However, the brand also sells Logic Power and Logic Pro which offer refill replacements as an eco-friendly means to help keep the cost down for vapers. 
  • They are used like a combustible cigarette — brought to the lips, inhaled, and exhaled to closely copy the smoking experience. 

If you or someone you know is trying to quit smoking or struggling to find a product that meets your nicotine needs, consider Logic e-cigs on your hunt for a replacement therapy to aid a successful transition. 

Would you prefer a disposable or refillable Logic e-cig device? Drop your comment below to compare the pros and cons. 

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